2015 September 13th (Sun) Marche @ Hyehwa





Marche @ Hyehwa

at Marronnier Park & Artist House

second ‘Sunday’ of the month.

2015 September 13th


/11:00~ 16:00



Thankful to the creatures of this land, mountains, and fields for bearing fruit through the drought and heat.

Thank the farmers for their hard work and sweat behind it all.

Thanks to their diligent hands delicious dishes are made from nature’s produce.

Thanking the silent time each stitch the hand takes to create something special.

Thankful that we meet and celebrate every month at Marche@

And, Thank you, so that Marche@ we can meet in-person and form relationships.



Marche@ Seasonal Concerts


Delicious Reggae Soul <No Choice& The Soul Source>

Marche@ Farmer’s Workshop

/13:30- 14:00 near the stage

Building Young Farmer’s Dreams <JoonHyeok’s Farmhouse>



번역 :  김송수 (translation : Kim Songsoo)



여성환경연대 (Women’s Environmental Network)          예술가의집(Artist House)       마리끌레르(Marie Claire )
배이직하우스 (Basic House)     서울시(Seoul Metropolitan Government)


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