2014.12.20 Saturday "Marche@1898 Myeongdong – Gift"

마르쉐 DEC 2014



Farmers’ market created by farmers, cooks, and artists in Seoul

Marche@1898 Myeongdong


December’s Marche will be at 1898 Square, Myeongdong Cathedral.



December 20th, 2014


/11:00 ~17:00


Winter’s ice-cold weather makes us miss the warmth of people.
With that warmth and appreciation, we are holding December’s Marche at Myeongdong.

We wish you all lovely holidays!



Marché@Housekeeping Workshop (Women’s Environmental Network+LEENOJOODAN)

/11:30 Make your own Lucky Bag with left-over silk


Marche@warmth sharing with Basic House

/13:00 Performance: Kim Haewon & Kim Sawol

/Small farmer’s dishes

Basic House’s gift shares

Eco-friendly sustainable gift-packing





Women’s Environmental Network ,  Marie Claire,  Basic House,  1898+ Cathedral


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