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도시농촌-1230-1□ Outline

Dates : Wednesday and Thursday, January 18 and 19, 2017
Venues : Nicolaus Hall, 5F, Catholic Youth Center (January 18)
Multipurpose Hall, 1F, Miraecheong, Seoul Innovation Park (January 19)
Co-hosts : Seoul Social Economy Center, Marche@, The Seoul Institutes
Sponsors : THE DAESAN AGRICULTURE FOUNDATION, The Seeds, Seoul Metropolitan Government


□ Pre-registration

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□ Programs

[January 18]
Nicolaus Hall, 5F, Catholic Youth Center (49, World Cup buk-ro 2-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul)

1. Opening : Opening Ceremony
14:00-14:10 (10′)
– Boeun Lee / Marche@
Welcoming Remark
– Seungchang Ha / Vice-Mayor for Political Affairs, Seoul Metropolitan Government

2. Opening : Keynote Speech
14:10-15:30 (80′)
– Seungchang Ha / Vice-Mayor for Political Affairs, Seoul Metropolitan Government
– Marc-David Choukroun / Food Assembly
– Tanaka Yusuke / Aoyama Farmers Market
– Takahashi Hiroyuki / Taberu Tshushin

3. Session 1 : Food Assembly
– Moderator : Namhyuk Hur / Korea Regional Development Foundation
– Session Staff : Chungsoon Gil / Regional Agriculture network
Changhan Lee / Seoul Local Mutual Growth and Exchange Project Group
Shinyang Kim / Korea Social Economy Research Group
Jaebak Cheon / Small farmers
Joon Jung / Bom-Bi

[January 19]
Multipurpose Hall, 1F, Miraecheong, Seoul Innovation Park (684, Tongil-ro, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul)

1. Session 2 : Farmersmarket@UNU
– Moderator : Songhee Kim / Marche@
– Session Staff
Hojin Lee / Bangmooldan
Gwanghwa Jung / Gotbiwon
Suyeon Oh / Seoul Metropolitan Government
TBA / Local Food National Network

2. Session 3. Taberu Tsuushin
– Moderator : Mihyun Kim / Researcher
– Session Staff
Eunjeong Kim / Communication Woodi
Geontae Kim / Paju Typography School
Geunyoung Seo / Sisters Garden


Guest Speakers

Marc David Choukroun (CEO, Food Assembly)
Cofounded Food Assembly with Guilhem Cheron in 2010 for online local food distribution. Over 1,000 assemblies in operation in six European countries today.

Yusuke Tanaka (Farmersmarket@UNU Planner, mediasurf)
Tanaka and the Men’s Vegetable Department organize Farmersmarket@UNU at UN University in Tokyo every weekend. Tanaka has organized a number of projects for promoting the diversity and sustainability of farmers’ markets, including Commune 246 and other alternative events.


Hiroyuki Takahashi (CEO, Taberu Tsuushin (食べる通信))

Founded in 2013 with the slogan “Change Food, Change the World,” Taberu Tsuushin succeeded in winning over 1,000 subscribers in Tohoku in just four months after its establishment. The company’s new media platform provides magazines containing the stories and photographs of local farmers and their produce, and publishes in 36 regions across Japan today.

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